Contemporary American Studio Glass

Studio glass has stimulated a fresh look at this ancient substance. Though only five decades old, this artistic medium has gifted us with a stunning array of artistic creativity, allowing glass to transcend utilitarian function and mass production as “serviceable” goods. Its role as a medium for art is now firmly and fully established.

In 1962 the Toledo Museum of Art, renowned for its historical glass collection, hosted two glass workshops to explore glass as a medium for art, separate from industrial uses and function. Dominick Labino and Harvey K. Littleton, two “fathers” of studio glass were involved with the Toledo workshops, and played seminal roles in establishing glass as a viable medium for art. These two landmark workshops heralded the studio glass movement in the United States.

Imagine Museum visually takes you through the history of this remarkable medium from the early pioneers of Littleton and Labino through to the groundbreaking, transcendent art being produced in the medium today. Come and explore the richness of thought, concept, technique and execution of these amazing artists and enter into the world of light, reflection and creative expression.

Michael, Oben Abright, 2015
Michael, Oben Abright, 2015

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