Graphic Worlds: Exploring Comic and Anime Art Opening Reception


Graphic Worlds: Exploring Comic and Anime Art Opening Reception


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Florida's must-see Contemporary Glass
Art Museum

Conveniently located in the heart of St. Petersburg, FL,  Imagine Museum is a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts and curious minds alike. Featuring a spectacular collection of contemporary glass art from around the world, experience the evolution glass art and the studio glass art movement.


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2024 artist of the future awards

Imagine Museum proudly recognizes the leading artists in contemporary glass art. Journey with us as we present our 2024 Artist of the Future Award winners. 

Sip N' Shop Indoor Mini markets

Join us every 3rd Friday of the month for St. Pete’s coolest Sip N’ Shop experience. Enjoy for curated mini markets that offer cool finds, for a hot summer. 

graphic worlds: exploring comic and anime art

“Graphic Worlds” explores the art of visual storytelling by examining cultural, historical, and artistic themes present in comics, manga, and anime.  

A must-see in
st. pete, fl

Discover the captivating world of art at Imagine Museum, a must-see destination in St. Petersburg, FL. Immerse yourself in an extraordinary collection of contemporary glass masterpieces that push the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship. Our museum showcases a diverse array of stunning glass sculptures, captivating installations, and thought-provoking exhibitions, leaving visitors in awe of the boundless possibilities of this mesmerizing medium.

book a tour at imagine museum

Looking for things to do in Tampa Bay? Explore the origins, techniques, and incredible artistic achievements of the Studio Glass Movement through our captivating collection. With guided tours tailored to your specific interests, delve into the mesmerizing properties of glass. Book your tour today and embark on a truly unforgettable artistic journey.

Contemporary Glass Art has the Power to Inspire, Uplift & Educate.

When you visit museums in St. Petersburg and the Tampa Bay Area, in Florida, take an evocative journey through Imagine Museum, a one-of-a-kind glass art museum featuring a comprehensive collection from the American and International contemporary glass art movements. During your visit, you may explore over 500 glass art masterpieces, all dramatically lit to transport you into a world of beauty, mystery and mastery in our 34,000 square foot gallery space. Our displays are part of a 1500-piece preeminent collection from internationally recognized artists who work in the glass medium. From the early works of the American Studio Glass Movement and the first pioneer, Harvey Littleton, to those he influenced in the early 1960s to drive the movement forward, and on to the current works from the hottest artists around the world working in glass today, you will find startling works with an extraordinary diversity of materials, techniques and intent. Swipe >
Delight in the glass blowing technique of Lino Tagliapietra from Murano… See how Czech artist, Petr Hora, has perfected glass casting techniques… Get transported by the ethereal, mystical works created by master artist, Bertil Vallien, with his groundbreaking sandcasting techniques… Explore the varying techniques of contemporary U.S. women artists who are blazing a trail in glass art…

Discover "Flight and Illusion” an installation that challenges your imagination and how you think about transformation in science, nature and art.. And finally, visit our Imagine Museum Gift Store to find one-of-a-kind beautiful glass pieces to take home with you. Imagine Museum is unlike any art museum you will encounter. As you walk through the galleries of our museum, we hope to inspire, uplift and educate you in the seemingly impossible, yet magical ways that only glass can evoke when paired with an artist's creativity.

“I became interested in making female figurations of night….I wanted to wrap the female figure in dusk, exploring both beauty and darkness.”

– Karen LaMonte


Dive into the enchanting realm of contemporary glass art at Imagine Museum, a leading destination for this unique, innovative art form. Our collection offers a rich journey through the evolution of glass artistry, showcasing the mastery of past and present artists. Join us at Imagine Museum, where every piece promises a fascinating dance of light, color, and imagination, unparalleled in the Tampa Bay area


On a monthly basis, Imagine Museum offers special promotions and discounts for all to enjoy our contemporary glass art museum in a safe and clean environment. Experience the uplifting joy of our collection and find wonder in the passion and creativity of master glass artists from around the world.


Your one-stop destination for unique, handcrafted contemporary glass art pieces. Sourced from renowned artists in the Tampa Bay area and beyond, our collection offers an opportunity to bring a piece of the Imagine Museum experience into your home. Dive into a world of creativity, color, and light, and find that perfect artistic statement or gift in our curated shop.


You will find the perfect artful gift here at our Museum Store. Discover the allure of art glass – a medium that captivates with its dance of light and color. From jewelry to sculpture, these artist-made gifts are sure to be cherished forever.

host an experience

Plan unforgettable corporate events, milestone celebrations, or private gatherings at the Imagine Museum, a standout venue in St. Petersburg, FL  renowned for its collection of contemporary glass art. Our museum, showcasing masterpieces from globally influential artists, provides a unique and elevated backdrop, perfect for any occasion. Allow us to curate a truly unforgettable experience that your guests will talk about for years to come.

Imagine Museum Glass Art

At Imagine Museum, we enrich your visit with dynamic experiences like our in-depth Audio Tours included with your admission.  For our younger guests, we’ve crafted engaging Gallery Games and Scavenger Hunts, ensuring

fun-filled, educational encounters for all ages.

As a part of Museums for All, Imagine Museum proudly offers $3 admission to SNAP and or EBT card holders. Simply present your SNAP or EBT card and a photo ID upon entry.

The contemporary glass art movement engages artists from all over the world. The Imagine Museum collection includes over 240 artists, representing 20 countries.

Choose Imagine Museum, a must-see gem among St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay museums, highly praised in guest reviews for its unique blend of immersive glass art experiences. Our collection captivates visitors with its diversity, scope, and interactive offerings, making us a standout choice for art lovers and families alike.

The Imagine Museum shines a spotlight on the magic of contemporary glass art. Born in the 1960s, this art form saw artists reshape glass in ways never seen before. They experimented, invented, and innovated unique ways to heat, bend, pour, cast, and mold glass particles to create sculptures never before imagined in the material of glass. The Imagine Museum is one of the first museums in the United States solely focused on the contemporary glass art movement, and we proudly exhibit work from both its original creators and today’s innovative artists.

Imagine Museum, a glass art museum in St Petersburg, FL

Imagine Museum a glass art museum in St Petersburg, FL

Since the opening of Imagine Museum in St Pete in 2018 , thousands of people have discovered the magic of glass art. Through our carefully curated and immersive displays, we continuously endeavor to inspire, uplift and educate you in the art of glass and the creative artists who have masterfully established the contemporary glass art movement.

Below, we show you a map of the city of St Petersburg FL where you can locate Imagine Museum. Visit us and discover contemporary glass art among the art museums in St Pete! 

A cultural experience in St. Petersburg

At Imagine Museum we introduce contemporary glass art through carefully curated exhibits that take you through the evolution of the contemporary glass art movement, the versatility of glass to transform color and light, and its influence throughout the world.

We also have special exhibits focused on the beauty and technical skill of glass artists who have pioneered and been influential in the contemporary glass art movement worldwide. At our museum in St Pete, we showcase the masterpieces of over 240 artists from around the world.

After visiting our St. Pete museum

St. Pete is a city known for its concentration of museums showcasing a wide variety of art. At Imagine Museum, we are proud to enrich the cultural experience that is offered to our community and tourists through the beauty of contemporary glass art and the contributions of its extraordinary artists.

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