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2022 Artist of the Future Martin Blank


Welcome to Imagine Museum as we celebrate with our peers around the world the United Nations designated 2022 International Year of Glass! To begin the year, we established our theme as the “The Glass Age: Transforming our World”. Throughout 2022 we will be showcasing the art and artists in our collection as well as the overall historical impact of this simple material made from sand, soda and lime.

On Saturday, January 29th over 200 people gathered together to celebrate the Imagine Museum’s 2022 Artist of the Future, Martin Blank. Blank created a collaborative piece with Founder, Trish Duggan that consisted of 52 glass elements, elevated upward to 8 feet tall, 13 feet long and 8 feet wide. This magnificent installation is entitled “If A River Could Tell A Story”. The fluidity of motion contained in the work invites one on the journey of self-discovery, mindfulness, reflection and remembrance.  This creative collaboration of form and color is intended to spark one’s imagination about the bold individuals throughout time that have inspired our human spirit to soar to greater heights of compassion and understanding.

“Water is an essential element that unites us. Art is a cultural bridge that inspires and connects us.”

-Martin Blank

Martin Blank also created another “tour de force” installation entitled “A Curious Conversation” specifically for the Museum and this evening.  Blank is known for his hot sculpted glass sculptures that have found their way into museums, collections and significant architectural sites around the world. “A Curious Conversation” is yet another explosion of light, reflection, fluidity and motion that captures the visual language of this Seattle based artist. The compelling duet achieved by the juxtaposition of two interacting extraordinary life size figures represent the counterbalance of tension, harmony and the moment of connectedness. Blank’s interest in pushing glass to create something that has not been done before allows his own vulnerability to the material to intersect with the creative process.

“Sculpting is nothing more than transposing emotions into three-dimensional objects.”

Martin Blank

The scale of the life-size figures interacting using the hot-sculpting process is a feat and testimony to Blank’s indelible strength, discipline and mindful endurance as he makes known physically the common experiences we all share.

The evening began with guests arriving from around the world. Artists and collectors who had come to the Glass Coast to experience Habatat Galleries Glass Weekend joined our Members and friends for this fabulous evening. The catering by Lolita’s of St Petersburg was spectacularly laid out and joyously consumed by everyone. From the Beef Short Rib with Truffled Orecchiette & Manchego Fondue which had our guests smiling to the dessert trays of Key Lime Pie, Tres Leche and Chambourd Chocolate Mousse delighted all throughout the evening. The music by Thoma Baltzer entertained all with their synthesized sounds that added to the rhythmic overtones of the evening. Conversation filled the air as people who have not come together for over two years celebrated their passion for the arts, artists and the contemporary glass art that fills Imagine Museum.

The show stopper for the evening is when Martin Blank took to the stage with Trish Duggan to receive his “Artist of the Future” award. Duggan talked about the experience of working with Blank and how she was impacted by getting to know him better, his love for the art, the passion for his work, his genuine love for humanity and the grace they both felt sharing their creativity with each other during the making of the piece. Blank came to the stage lit up by the positivity of the evening, sharing his thoughts about the human condition and the importance of the arts. He reflected on his past, his passion and what the evening meant to him. There were tears of joy and happiness by the time he concluded his impromptu speech. You could have heard a pin drop as he captivated the audience through his words.

We invite you to view our complete gallery of event photos HERE.

After the ceremony, the audience adjourned to the galleries to continue their conversations with friends and family, artists and colleagues. As people were departing, they communicated how uplifting the evening had been for them. They expressed their recognition of how powerful the arts are to bring people together to share, to love, to express and feel whole.  At Imagine Museum, we too know about the power of the arts to uplift and inspire. We see it every day. 

Please join us as we continue to strive to bring transcendental contemporary art to you that reflects the light, communicates our passion and delights our senses with wonderment and awe.      

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