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Meet international glass artists at our 6th Anniversary Fire & Light Event


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Barby Levy the creator of Barb Wire Jewerly


We are taking you behind our retail collection and shining the spotlight on Barbie Levy, the creator of Barb Wire Jewelry!

Sometimes you see something that just catches your eye, and in that moment, you know, “I have to have it!” Well that’s exactly  how we felt the first time we  laid eyes on Jewelry Designer and Artist, Barbie Levy’s collection of “Barb Wire” jewelry…. And we aren’t the only ones — her designs quite literally fly off of our shelves!

Let us introduce you to our newest fan favorite at Imagine Museum’s Retail Shop, Barb Wire by Barbara Levy. Barb Wire is a one-of-a-kind collection of wearable abstract art crafted from wire and glass. With countless variations in shape and color, this lightweight, sterling silver and glass  jewelry line is perfect for any occasion. Inspired by architectural lines and geometric shapes, ”Barb Wire” strikes the perfect balance between art and design. Aligned with our retail mission of curating a collection of take-home art, Barb Wire allows you to connect with your inner artist and add a piece of truly unique jewelry to your collection.

Glass necklace jewelry hanging from chains by Barby Levy

The Creative Genius

Barbie Levy’s journey as an artist is nothing short of inspiring. She studied as a Fine Art Major at the University of Georgia, where she specialized in Jewelry and Metalworking. What might have once been a source of amusement for her family has evolved into a thriving career in the world of art and design. She now proudly designs jewelry that brings joy to people’s lives, proving that passion and creativity can indeed be the path to success.

A Journey of Apprenticeship and Mastery

Following her academic pursuits, Barbie returned to her native Baltimore, Maryland, where she began an apprenticeship with a custom design fine jewelry shop. It was here that she honed her skills in various construction and stone setting techniques. She also dedicated time to attend workshops at the Penland School of Crafts, Haystack, and Peter’s Valley, where she had the privilege of working alongside celebrated jewelers as a studio assistant.

Glass earrings - Barb Wire Jewelry

Lightweight, Colorful, and Chic

Levy’s jewelry creations are designed to bring color to your everyday life. Her earrings and necklaces are not just adornments; they’re expressions of style and happiness. Crafted to be lightweight, colorful, and chic, these pieces effortlessly elevate your fashion game. Whether you’re heading out with friends, enjoying a fancy dinner, or simply “throwing something on,” Barbie Levy’s jewelry adds that extra dash of charm to your ensemble. But let us warn you — prepare for the non-stop compliments!

Woman wearing a Barb Wire jewelry necklace

Accessorizing Pro Tips

A Pop of color- If you tend to opt for neutrals, consider adding Barb Wire accessories to your outfit. The pop of color is sure to compliment any neutral outfit elevating it to a modern chic ensemble.

Day to Night- Try pairing some Barb Wire accessories to any daytime look to instantly give you that “date night” look in a matter of seconds!

No color? No problem!- We all know someone who “doesn’t do color”, am I right? Well, with Barb Wire, no one is excluded! Barbie Levy has created gorgeous chic designs in black, white and brown — suited for even the least colorful wardrobes!

A Passion for Creation

Today, Barbie Levy operates her own studio in Baltimore, where she crafts one of a kind pieces of jewelry that are available in galleries, boutiques, and museums like Imagine Museum. With over two decades of experience, her passion for jewelry design has become a source of joy not only for her but for countless wearers of her creations.

As Levy aptly sums it up, “With so many jewelry forms available today, it is a constant challenge to produce designs that are new and innovative.” Yet, she continues to rise to that challenge, packing each piece with a unique punch of creativity and joy. So, the next time you put on your Barb Wire jewelry, know that you’re not just wearing jewelry; you’re wearing a piece of contemporary glass art.

To see our collection of Barb Wire Jewelry, plan your visit to Imagine Museum and stop by our store

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