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For this milestone event, Imagine Museum is thrilled to present the “Blue Eye of the Pyramid”, a masterpiece by contemporary Czech glass aritsts Jaroslava Brychtova and Stanislav Libensky.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to mingle with international artists while enjoying live music and delicious bites. Tickets are limited.

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Contemporary Czech glass remarkably influences the Contemporary Glass Art Movement worldwide. The artistic duo of Jaroslava Brychtova and Stanislav Libensky lived and worked in Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic for fifty years. Their collaboration as a married couple significantly contributed to defining modern glass aesthetics. The artworks created together have an irreplaceable position in the history of art.
Libensky and Brychtova’s sculptures are defined by the sublimely pure colors that characterized their work as glass artists. They spent half a century refining the art and technique of casting huge chunks of delicately colored glass. The scale of their works was half of their alchemy. The other half was light. “There is an illuminating space within this material (glass) that doesn’t exist in any other medium,” said Libensky about their works.
One of the masterful pieces in the Libensky/Brychtova catalog is the “Green Eye of the Pyramid,” shown in major museums worldwide. In 2018, Imagine Museum Founder Trish Duggan visited Jaroslava Brychtova in her studio. Libensky passed away in 2002. She was giving homage to this living legend when she had the opportunity to invite Jaroslava to participate in one more commission. Ms. Duggan had asked Ms. Brychtova if she would create a “Blue Eye of the Pyramid” for Imagine Museum. To Ms. Duggan’s delight, she said yes. This piece was produced for Imagine Museum before Brychtova’s death at 96 in 2020.

Imagine Museum is proud to have one of the last works created by this dynamic couple who captured the light of hope within their glass sculptures. To insure this would be the previous casting of the “Eye of the Pyramid,” Ms. Duggan also bought the mold.

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