Meet international glass artists at our
6th Anniversary Fire & Light Event


Meet international glass artists at our 6th Anniversary Fire & Light Event


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Children in Contemporary Glass Art Museum



Many times I get asked the question, is it a good idea to bring children in Contemporary Glass Art Museum? Can families, school tours, after school programs visit the Museum?

My answer is always a resounding YES!!

In fact, just in terms of touching the works of art, adults are far guiltier of that quick touch than the children! (But, to be clear, no one is permitted to touch the art.)

But, let’s get back to the children and families and how they can be inspired, uplifted and educated about the artworks in our Museum – and more importantly share in exciting family fun!

Families, children and other guests who come to the Museum have the opportunity to go on our Magical Creature Scavenger Hunt. We have nine small glass creatures who have escaped from our store and have hidden amongst our sculptures in the first-floor galleries. It is the job of our scavenger explorers to find the Magical Creatures with the clues we have given them and report back to our Museum Experience Associates. When all of the nine creatures have been identified by our scavenger explorers, they get a certificate and a discount in our Museum Store for being such good explorers.

What do children and families take away from our Museum experience?

Children at Contemporary Glass Art Museum, Imagine Museum
  1. An opportunity to lean in and look more closely at the sculptures in the galleries. Many times, when we walk through Museums, we only spend seconds looking at the objects. However, if you are looking for the Magical Creatures, you are also looking at the color, form, texture and design of the sculptures and seeing closely the various details you may have missed just walking through quickly.
  2. By spending more time with an object of art, you might think a little further as to why the artists wanted to make the piece and what they were trying to communicate with their talent and skill.
  3. You might look a little more deeply at all of the objects, how their three dimensional form takes up space in a gallery, and how it makes you feel when you approach it.
  4. You also might wonder a little more about the material of glass and how it reflects light, allows interior examination, as well as communicates the wonder of heat when exposed to sand, sodium, and ash.

We know, not everyone who comes into the Museum has experienced the type of artworks in glass displayed at Imagine Museum. They might have heard or been to the Chihuly Collection, but have no concept how contemporary glass artists from around the world have approached this material of glass, melted it, and had it bend to their vision of expression and technique. In fact, the greatest assets of the Imagine Museum collection is the variety of form, color, design and technique, not to mention the statement or story, the narrative or scope the artists are trying to communicate about our cultures, and our place in this world.

Glass has impacted mankind throughout time and now through the creatives of today, we can further explore our place in this universe through the eyes and sensitivity of the artists.

Children going on Magical Creatures Scavenger Hunt

And finally… you might just want to take advantage of the discount in the Museum Store and take home a few of those Magical Creatures.

However, I would suggest, if you do take some Magical Creatures home after taking advantage of our Magical Creature Scavenger Hunt, make sure you put them in a safe place. We know from experience, they do like to wander!!

Continue to imagine,

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