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Here is a sampling from our collection of the current works from renowned glass artists around the world.
To experience the true essence of these masterpieces, visit Imagine Museum and see how these intricate shapes come to life and magically transform color and light.

Dean Allison

Should I?

Cast glass
Oben Abright


Rusted Iron
Rik Allen

Hodorian Proprioceptapied

Blown glass, silver, steel
Martin Blank

Golden Bloom

Hot sculpted glass with gold leaf
Shelley M. Allen

See Bear

Blown, engraved and hand-sculpted glass
Michael Behrens

Seaforms 2018-277

Kiln cast glass
Alex Bernstein

Coral Fan I

Cast and cut glass and fused steel, with steel base
Christina Bothwell

Spirit Animal

Cast glass, ceramic and oil paint
Marek Brincko

Amber Honeycomb – Bee Tower

Cast glass
Latchezar Boyadjiev


Cast glass
Peter Bremers


Cast glass
Václav Cigler

Uranium Egg

Cast glass
Emily Brock


Kiln and flameworked borosilicate glass
Laura Donefer

Ice Storm Amulet Basket

Flameworked and blown glass
Nancy Callan

Stratosphere Droplet, Zepher Droplet, and Zooids

Blown, sanded, cut and slumped glass
Daniel Clayman

Blue Circular Object

Cast glass
Wilfried Grootens

Where the Shark Bubbles Blow (w.t.s.b.b. #H8)

Painted, laminated, and polished glass
Amber Cowan

The Engagement of Orzo & Cara Wilson

Flameworked and found American pressed glass,
mixed media
Michael Glancy

Sonar California Series

Cast and electroplated copper
Sidney Hutter


Cut, polished & laminated glass
Robin Grebe

The Bridge Builder

Cast glass, wood, paint
Petr Hora


Cast glass
Michael Janis

The Weight of Light

Cast and fused glass, glass powder imagery, steel
Richard Jolley

Suspended in Dreams

Hot sculpted glass
Jon Kuhn

Harvest Sun

Cut, polished, and laminated glass
David Huchthausen

Memory Chamber

Cut and polished glass
Anthony James

Portal Icosahedron

Steel, glass, LED lights
K. William LeQuier


Carved, sandblasted, laminated glass
Dylan Martinez


Hot sculpted glass
Stanislav Libensky & Jaroslava Brychtova


Cast glass
Zora Palova

Three Oasis Light Green

Carved, sandblasted, laminated glass
Paul Stankard

Orb with Wild Roses, Honeycomb and Queen Bee

Flameworked soda-lime glass
Richard Royal

Geometric 16-26 Ayca Vortes

Blown and laminated glass
Lino Tagliapietra


Blown glass
Leah Wingfield & Steve Clements

Distant Dreams #3

Cast glass, 1942 Crosley Radio, compass, paint
Tim Tate

Vitruvian Visions

Mirrors , Cast objects, LED
Michael Taylor

Parabola Curves #2 and #3

Cut and laminated fused optical glass
Vivian Wang

Bronze Warrior

Cast glass, bronze, steel base
Brent Kee Young

Across A Crowded Room :Matrix Series

Flameworked borosilicate glass
Toots Zynsky

Fogliame Mizimah

Bejamin Moore

Opaline Interior Fold Set

Blown Glass
John Kiley

Neo Fractograph

Fractured and Reassembled Glass

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