Meet international glass artists at our
6th Anniversary Fire & Light Event


Meet international glass artists at our 6th Anniversary Fire & Light Event


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Imagine Museum's Contemporary Glass Art Auction at Mahaffey Theater


Imagine Museum is excited to announce our Contemporary Glass Art Auction at the Mahaffey Theater. With years of dedication to the artistic enrichment of our community, Imagine Museum, The Mahaffey Theater and the Bill Edwards Foundation for the Arts present this extraordinary collaboration. 

Imagine Museum Contemporary Glass Art Auction

Join us for an exciting evening at the Contemporary Glass Art Auction!

Get ready to be amazed by the stunning artworks created by talented glass artists.

  • Date: Wed Aug 23 2023
  • Time: 5:30 – 7:30PM
  • Location: 400 1st Street South, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Experience the beauty and intricacy of glass art as you browse through a diverse collection of unique pieces. From delicate sculptures to vibrant installations, this auction showcases the best of contemporary glass art.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive event!

A harmonious collaboration

At Imagine Museum, we are known for our dedication to elevating Contemporary Studio Glass Art. With a commitment to celebrating the remarkable medium of glass, we are honored to serve our diverse artistic community. Similarly, The Mahaffey Theater has long been an eminent hub for the performing arts in St. Petersburg. The Mahaffey Theater boasts a vast array of world-class shows and events for all to see. Through a shared passion for philanthropy, we present to you a Contemporary Glass Art Auction.

The Auction is set to run through August 31st, featuring over a dozen breathtaking pieces of glass art from emerging and established contemporary glass artists. Each piece has been carefully curated to offer an elevated showcase. With 50% of the auction’s proceeds going directly to the artists, 25% to Imagine Museum, and 25% to the Mahaffey Theater, bidders can acquire stunning works of art, while also contributing to St. Pete’s thriving arts community. 

Trish Duggan at Imagine Museum's Contemporary Glass Art Auction

Why glass?

So what’s all the fuss about glass? Well, in the words of Imagine Museum’s Founder, Ms.Trish Duggan, “The one material that has had the greatest impact on shaping the world as we know it is glass… from the lenses we wear on our faces, to the glass fiber-optic cables making the global internet possible…One of my purposes is to elevate glass from the commonplace to the extraordinary.” And Ms. Duggan has certainly done just that. Thanks to Duggan’s tireless efforts, Imagine Museum is home to over 1500 pieces of contemporary glass art from around the world. With works from glass art pioneers to emerging local artists alike, Imagine Museum proudly fosters an accessible space to inspire all. For Ms. Duggan, Imagine Museum is and will always be a love letter to the material of glass and those who comprise the incredible global glass community. 

Ms. Duggan has generously entered her “Founder’s Collection” to Imagine Museum’s Contemporary Glass Art Auction. With 21 of Duggan’s original pieces of art for display and bid, 25% of the proceeds of her works will be donated to the Mahaffey Theater and the other 75%, to Imagine Museum. Without Ms. Duggan’s pointed vision and steadfast dedication to the material of glass, Imagine Museum and our vibrant glass community would not exist.

Imagine Museum's Contemporary Glas Art Auction at Mahaffey Theater

Celebrating our Community

In a world that often separates art and philanthropy, our Contemporary Glass Art Auction provides an opportunity for collective social action. Participation in bidding means embracing the spirit of generosity and fostering a more vibrant and inclusive society. As always, we are left inspired by the convergence of art, philanthropy, and community. Please help us celebrate this occasion of generosity and its impact on both the art world and the community it serves.

Join us in elevating contemporary glass art by registering to bid on original works by emerging and established artists here!

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