Imagine Museum brings innovative art forms with Augmented Reality Scenes designed to
offer you fun, “out of this world” experiences. 


A collaboration between Bertil Vallien and Trish Duggan, using glass sculpture, LED, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality transform art into experiences that are truly “out of this world”!

Imagine seeing a glass art piece in the shape of a rocketship actually lift off before your eyes. Eight-foot glass boat sculptures become celestial vessels floating through the galaxies. And if you ever wondered what it felt like to walk on the moon, you can find out now.

  • AVAILABLE SATURDAYS FROM 10 AM – 4 PM $10 plus Admission

Book your time to explore our new interactive experience!

Glass: The Material of Mankind

This Augmented Reality experience takes you through an evocative journey through time. Learn how glass evolved from star dust to the magical works seen today at the Museum and the artists who push the boundaries and ideas of glass.

Augmented Reality Selfies!

This is you time to shine and capture your experience at Imagine Museum through our AR selfies!

Selfie Station 1
Smile and wave at the camera. You’ll be surprised to find a special “ET Visitor” show up in your photo.
Selfie Station 2
Smile and wave at the camera. You’ll be surprised to find a special “ET Visitor” show up in your photo.

Guided AR tours are scheduled upon request with limits of 4 people per tour.
24-hour advanced notice is required to allow us to ensure your safety.
The devices are high-touch apparatus. Appropriate protocol will be required.
There is an additional charge of $10 per device.

Call +1 (727) 300-1700 to reserve your AR Tour!


Imagine a close encounter with a whale in the briny deep sea. Picture yourself creating new forms out of electric light and stars. Contemplate a view of our blue planet from the Moon. You’ll find these and more virtual reality experiences at our Museum. Choose from a variety of engaging and inspiring programs — you’ll feel like you’re really there!

Google Earth
Explore the world from totally new perpective. This virtual reality experience lets you “visit” the world’s cities, landmarks and natural wonders.
Apollo 11
Go back in time and experience the historic events that took place from July 16th to July 24th, 1969 as if you were there.
EarthLight Spacewalk
Experience human space flight and a repair mission hundreds of kilometers above the earth through the eyes of Ana, one of NASA’s brightest astronauts.