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JURIED EXHIBIT: OP ART / GLASSJanuary 12 - April 18, 2021

JURIED EXHIBIT: OP ART / GLASs January 12 - April 18, 2021

OP ART/GLASS is an exhibition that will showcase works of art fabricated in glass that explore optical effects through technique, movement, flashing or vibrating design, optical configurations, or repeated patterns. Our goal is to showcase the artists’ creativity as they explore visual illusions and perceptions using glass and its profound qualities.

anthony james
Anthony James

Portal Icosahedron

wilfried grootens
Wilfried Grootens

Magic Eye H36

tim tate
Tim Tate

Buddha of Compassion

PETER BREMERS February 7, 2021 - January 16, 2022

Dutch-born artist, Peter Bremers, is known for his monumental cast glass sculptures, which are inspired by his worldwide travels and his interactions with nature’s most extreme landscapes.

Throughout his career, Bremers has made every effort to continually learn about glass and its properties; forever changing and developing his approach to glass as a vessel of light, color, form, movement, rhythm, volume and direction.

endless movement
Peter Bremers

Endless Movement

creative body
Peter Bremers

Creative Body

the last iceberg
Peter Bremers

The Last Iceberg


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