A Virtual Glass Art Extravaganza

Thursday, February 4th – Saturday, February 6th, 2021

Imagine Museum in St. Petersburg, FL and Habatat Galleries, Michigan are planning a glass art extravaganza weekend like no other. We are ramping up the fun and entertainment virtually to celebrate the creativity and imagination of our artists and what they provide for us during times like these.

Our informative and “electrifying” activities include an auction, artists’ talks, and guided tours (Habatat’s Splash exhibit, Fort Wayne Museum of Art, and Boca Raton Museum of Art). We will also have home tours, guest presenters and dynamic speakers sharing their knowledge and expertise about the glass medium for our enlightenment and enjoyment.

International Carnivale of Glass

The grand finale on Saturday will be Imagine Museum’s annual Fire & Light Gala.Our 2021 theme is International Carnivale of Glass and this virtual event is sure to deliver! Twists and turns of entertainment, music, fashion, and artists awards, plus celebrity fortune tellers will make this a truly magical and memorable experience!

  • Weekend Ticket (per household) to all 9 events $50
  • Imagine Museum Members (per household) events $35

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Bring Out Your Inner
“Creatore di Maschere” (Mask Maker)

Masks have been all the rage this year. For our Carnivale of Glass Gala, festive masks that transform you in a magical way will be requested. Bring out your inner “creatore di maschere” and let’s celebrate together the power of imagination and our passion for glass and the artists who, through their creativity, provide us with so much joy!

Schedule of Events

Thursday, February 4th

1:00 pm

Welcome to the Glass Coast Weekend and Habatat Galleries Auction Preview

2:00 pm

Auction Begins

This auction features over 50 works from multiple collections, the most prominent being the collection of Michael and Annie Belkin. Michael, one of AACG’s founding members and past president, with his wife Annie, were early collectors of studio glass art. They had an incredible eye and Habatat is honored to offer you an opportunity to bid on pieces from their collection during this auction.

AUCTION PREVIEW: You are welcome to place your bids early before the live auction date of Thursday, February 4th on LiveAuctioneers.com where the auction will be held. You are also welcome to bid live as well as each work will sell to the highest bidder subject to the reserve.

To join LIVE AUCTION at 2pm, click below:

Friday, February 5th

11:00 am

Habatat’s Splash Gallery opens with a preview narrated by Aaron Schey,owner/partner of Habatat Galleries, Michigan

2020’s SPLASH exhibition on the Gulf Coast was a huge success. Habatat Gallery has taken SPLASH virtual for 2021!

We have invited 40 artists who specialize in working with glass to participate in this online exhibition.

You will find the exhibit at www.GlassCoastWeekend.com 

1:00 pm –

3:00 pm

GLASS SPECIAL: Join the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass (AACG)as they host 3 very special presentations.  

AACG will be hosting a special 2-hour presentation for all glass enthusiasts. 

The first 30 minutes will be a review of the Glass Coast Weekend’s many events, from home tours to exhibitions, from artists to a celebratory finale that brings our glass community together. 

From there, a special unveiling of Tim Tate’s new work in Glasstress with Tate describing the process that went into making this piece at Berengo Studios in Murano. A true adventure indeed! 

The zoom session ends with an informative tour through the Boca Raton Museum highlighting works from their new Glasstress exhibit from Berengo Studios and selected items from their permanent collection. 

 This is a power packed glass-extravaganza not to be missed!

Please note that the main ZOOM link will not connect you to these events. You must click specifically on link below: 

4:00 pm –

5:00 pm

Peter Bremers: My life as an Artist 

Join Imagine Museum’s 2021 Artist of the Future, Peter Bremers, as he discusses his work, concepts behind his work and his new exhibit on display at Imagine Museum for an entire year. Dutch-born artist Peter Bremers is known for his monumental cast glass sculptures which are inspired by his worldwide travels and his interactions with nature’s most extreme landscapes. His fascination with the outer world as well as our inner world is conveyed through the beauty of his created forms and his specialized techniques deployed in his cast glass.

Saturday, February 6th

11:00 am

Meet Charles Shepard, President & CEO of  the Ft. Wayne Museum of Art

Charles Shepard, the President and CEO of the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, will be discussing the Fort Wayne Museum’s growing glass art collection and plans for the future. These plans include expansion into a new pavilion which will be dedicated to glass art.



Charles will share his journey of acquiring studio glass for the Museum’s collection as well as stories relating to the relationship he has built with the artists. Peter Bremers will also be on the zoom and talking to Charles about his exhibition at the Museum where some of that work will be featured in Imagine Museum for 2021.

1:00 pm –

2:00 pm

GLASS NOW with Aaron Schey

Join Aaron Schey, owner and partner of Habatat Galleries (Mr. Glass), as he discusses works from the newly opened SPLASH Gallery curated specifically for the Glass Coast Weekend. A second-generation gallery owner, Schey has a vast knowledge of the history of studio glass along with a keen eye for developing collections and finding new talent.

2:00 pm –

3:00 pm 

Collectors Home Tours 

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to stroll through some of the splendid homes and glass art collections. This year our virtual home tours will feature the collection of Hal and Myra Weiss, Barbara and Dennis DuBois, and Susan and Fred Sanders. They all have stunning collections you will want to see.

6:30 pm

Imagine Museums annual Fire and Light Gala (virtual)


Plan now for a virtual event that will amuse and delight you as we attempt to share with our fellow glass enthusiasts a program to stimulate, inspire, and fire up our senses! Twists and turns of entertainment, music, fashion, artist awards, plus celebrity fortune tellers will make this a truly magical and memorable experience!

7th Annual Glass Coast Weekend

Nine Exciting Events

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