The “It’s Not Always BLACK and WHITE” exhibit was a conceptual demonstration of this age-old saying. Through an assortment of contemporary glass artworks executed in shades of black and white, viewers were able to further explore the artist’s intent beyond the physicality of the works. Through the subtle use of complex imagery, the relevance of symbols and the diversity of subject matter our guests were able to experience for themselves what was “hiding amongst the gray”.

The works curated for the “It’s Not Always Black and White” exhibit were selected from the TJF Collection intended for Imagine Museum.

Choi Kerong Artist Black and white
Choi Keeryong

Daam Dah 7, 2019

choi kerong artist black and white exhibition
Choi Keeryong

Daam Dah 8, 2019

Choi Kerong Artist Black and White Exposition
Choi Keeryong

Daam Dah 2-2, 2019

PETER BREMERS February 7, 2021 - January 16, 2022

Dutch-born artist, Peter Bremers, is known for his monumental cast glass sculptures, which are inspired by his worldwide travels and his interactions with nature’s most extreme landscapes.

Throughout his career, Bremers has made every effort to continually learn about glass and its properties; forever changing and developing his approach to glass as a vessel of light, color, form, movement, rhythm, volume and direction.

endless movement
Peter Bremers

Endless Movement

creative body
Peter Bremers

Creative Body

the last iceberg
Peter Bremers

The Last Iceberg

JURIED EXHIBIT: OP ART / GLASSJanuary 18 - MAY 9, 2021

JURIED EXHIBIT: OP ART / GLASs January 18 - MAY 9, 2021

OP ART/GLASS is an exhibition that will showcase works of art fabricated in glass that explore optical effects through technique, movement, flashing or vibrating design, optical configurations, or repeated patterns. Our goal is to showcase the artists’ creativity as they explore visual illusions and perceptions using glass and its profound qualities.

anthony james
Anthony James

Portal Icosahedron

wilfried grootens
Wilfried Grootens

Magic Eye H36

tim tate
Tim Tate

Buddha of Compassion

Marlene RoseOctober 27, 2020 - January 3, 2021

Marlene Rose October 27, 2020 - January 3, 2021

Marlene Rose has been creating her distinctive cast glass sculptures for three decades. Working from her local Studio, she appeals widely to a national and international audience.

This retrospective show, POSITIVE REVERSALS, reflected first on the technique she uses, where positive molds pressed into sand create negative shapes which are filled with molten glass.


Secondly, and more importantly, the show culminated in her latest series, TALKING HEADS, where she explores a deep dialogue between imagined opposites, and the positive effects of the reversals of life to which we are all subject.

Marlene Rose

Elemental Triptych

Marlene Rose

Lavender Lady Buddha

Marlene Rose

Lime Green Oh with Copper Lines

"A change in strategy without a change in vision. - Eric Ries"
July 9 - December 22, 2019

PIVOT was the first international IM Call-to-Artists exhibition for Imagine Museum. PIVOT demonstrated works that represented “a change in strategy, direction or expression that communicates a shift in the artist’s development of the work.” The aim of the exhibition was to display art that represented a bold, new pat of expression by the artists and communicated a shift in a visual exchange between artists and the viewer.

in the Exhibit

Mark Leputa


dan friday

Lummi Lightning Bear

meredith edmonson

Treats So Sweet, They'll Break Your Teeth

January 24 - December 29, 2019

Karen LaMonte is an American artist whose works express themes of presence and absence, beauty and ephemerality, through the physicality of the human body and its environment. Throughout her work, LaMonte explores the cultural identity, as well as the boundaries of self and society through the dress form.

Floating World was a sculpture exhibition featuring life-sized kimonos cast in glass, ceramic, bronze, and iron. The kimono series was developed from LaMonte’s residency in Kyoto, Japan, where she studied all aspects of the kimono — from weaving and construction to ceremonial function and historic meaning.

Karen LaMonte

Child's Kimono

karen laMonte

Floating World Installation

Karen LaMonte

Young Maiko

PAUL STANKARD | UNSEEN WORLDS July 13, 2018 - January 13, 2019

Unseen Worlds showcased the work of internationally acclaimed Paul Stankard, considered a living master in the art of the flameworked paperweight and a pioneer of the studio glass movement. Imagine Museum was proud to display 100 of Paul Stankard’s works spanning nearly 50 years of his paperweight-making career.

Paul Stankard

Orb with Wild Roses, Honeycomb and Queen Bee

Paul Stankard

Floral Orb and Bulb Cluster


Tentrends was an eye-opening presentation that speculated on the future of glass as an expression for artists. The artists represented embody the spirit of experimentation; their work demonstrates a mastery of technique while pushing the boundaries of concept. Incorporating science and technology, street art, and cultural sub-themes, their artwork provided a glimpse into the future of studio glass.

in the Exhibit

Cassandria Blackmore


Caterina Weintraub


Steve linn



The “Lightness of Seeing” was a survey of contemporary glass art works from around the world revealing the salient energy of light and form captured in transparent glass. 

“Art is not a reflection of reality, it is the reality of reflection”

Jean-Luc Gadard

Dylan Martinez


Wilfried Grootens

Dream Carrier

Michael Taylor

Parabola Curves

bertil vallien GALLERIES 213-217

Imagine Museum was delighted to showcase the works of Swedish Master Bertil Vallien. Vallien’s variety of artworks were breathtaking, from sand cast glass to the blown glass “super eggs” representing breath. His perspective on life, love, passage and travel were all represented in this “soulful” exhibit.

Bertil Vallien
Super Eggs
Bertil Vallien
Janus Heads
Bertil Vallien

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