“I have a deep love for glass as it is the only material that allows you to experience 4 dimensions. You can see the front and the back of a sculpture at the same time, as well as the matter and space in-between.”

Peter Bremers

Peter Bremers expressions in glass captures the beauty of life as his work transports the viewer
into the worlds he has created.
From the spiritual to the transcendent, Bremers creations leave you with a sense of positivity
and hope as we all search for meaning and appreciation of our planet.

Perception Peter Bremers

Perception XIII


Perception is unique to each and every individual. There are no two people who perceive the same way. Our perception is always a result of who we are. The “Perception” series of 9 sculptures, identical in form, have been created using different colors and materials. Their level of reflectiveness, from transparent to mirroring, change the periphery of our vision and thus the perception of how we are interpreting each form and its impact. 

“We all look at life through a peephole; we see only a small part of the whole. It`s part of our human condition.”

– Peter Bremers


The “7 Bodies” series represents seven fundamental elements that embody our human existence through repetitive, sculptural forms. The pieces in the series are entitled: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Vibrational, Spiritual, Creative and Ethereal. Bremers approaches each of these bodies with the intention of exemplifying through the exterior and interior forms, the human potential that exists within us all.

By choosing repetitive forms for this series, each with unique interiors, Bremers deliberately denies comparative judgement on the exterior form. This allows the viewer to enhance their investigation and interpretation of the interior forms and appreciating the visual expression of our human potential inside each of these elements. “Separating the elements that define our human existence and visualizing them as individual entities, the observer is challenged to reconsider each element, its valuation and potential, as part of the whole.”

– Peter Bremers

Peter Bremers Glass Art

Physical Body

Peter Bremers

Dutch-born artist, Peter Bremers, is renowned for his glass sculptures inspired by nature’s most extreme landscapes and the transformational journeys he has taken around the world. Deeply touched by the majesty of nature, Bremers conveys his awe and gratitude through his sculpture while using his travels as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Bremers began his career working with a wide range of materials including glass, plastic, steel and stone. Over time, he found glass to be the best way of realizing his artistic visions. Understanding the captivating power of transparency and light, Bremers successfully has broken boundaries with scale and form throughout his 30-year career leading to his international reputation. His use of reductive forms awakens his viewers’ sensitivity to space and perception in graceful, nonverbal poems about light, color, and form.

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