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Glass pumpkins - artful elegance now available at Museum Store

The Magic Behind Glass Pumpkins

Fall is in the air, and the Imagine Museum’s Store in St. Pete is eager to showcase one of its most enchanting products: glass pumpkins. With their intricate designs, vibrant colors, and ethereal transparency, these glass creations are much more than decorative items—they are works of art. And who better to lead us through the mesmerizing journey of their creation than local glass artist, Anjali Singh?

Based in St. Petersburg’s Morean Art Center, Anjali has nurtured her craft as a glassblower for over a decade. Her glass pumpkins seamlessly merge traditional techniques with her personal touch, reflecting an artist’s journey in love with her medium. To get a glimpse of her daily inspirations and creations, you can follow Anjali on Instagram at @anjalisinghglass.

Glass artist shaping molten glass in furnace and dog lying close by.

From Fire and Sand to Enchanting Gourds

Our recent visit to the Morean Arts Center gave us an exclusive glimpse into the mesmerizing world of glass artistry. Glass art, an ancient practice, traces its roots back thousands of years. It’s truly magical whenever an artist shapes molten glass into a beautiful creation. With her dedication and distinct artistic flair, Anjali breathes fresh life into this timeless craft. Below, watch how Anjali crafts these enchanting glass pumpkins.

Crafting Magic – Watch Anjali Singh’s Glass Pumpkin Journey at Morean Art Center Above

Why Glass Gourds?

Pumpkins symbolize harvest, abundance, and the changing seasons. But in St. Petersburg, they also epitomize the melding of tradition with innovation. These glass treasures bridge the gap between the age-old love for autumn and the timeless allure of art.

When you hold one of these pumpkins, you’re not just holding a decorative piece; you’re cradling countless hours of meticulous work, years of mastered skill, and an undying passion for creation.

  • Unique Contemporary Decor: An embodiment of tradition fused with modern design.
  • Perfect Fall Decor: Celebrate the season with artistry that evokes warmth and elegance.
  • A Nod to Local Art: Embrace St. Pete’s rich artistic heritage with these splendid creations.

Displaying Your Glass Pumpkin:

  1. Central Attraction: Place your glass pumpkin on a central coffee table or console under soft lighting to accentuate its translucence and color.
  2. Contemporary Fall Vignette: Pair with minimalistic decor items, like matte black candle holders or neutral-toned vases, to create a chic autumnal display.
  3. Shelf Display: Elevate its beauty on a floating shelf amidst art books or other artful decor.

Visit, Experience, Cherish

Walking into our store is akin to entering a realm where art dances with light. Rows of these glass pumpkins, each distinct in its design, beckon with a shimmering allure. Some are a cascade of fiery reds and golds, echoing the vibrant spirit of St. Petersburg’s local festivities. Others glisten in cool blues and greens, reminiscent of our serene gulf waters.

And the best part? These aren’t mere artifacts to be admired from a distance. They’re tangible memories waiting to find a place in your home.

A Souvenir Like No Other

Imagine the delight and intrigue it would bring as a centerpiece during your dinner parties or as a window piece catching the morning sun. Owning one is not just about having a decorative item; it’s about owning a fragment of St. Petersburg’s soul.

Support Local Artists, Own A Masterpiece

When you purchase one of these glass pumpkins, you’re acquiring an exquisite piece of art and supporting the local artists of St. Petersburg. You’re enabling them to continue their passionate pursuit, ensuring that the legacy of handcrafted artistry thrives.🌟

Plan your visit to our museum today and experience these enchanting glass pumpkins, now available at our store.

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