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The Imagine Museum has access to the Trish Joy Collection of over 1,500 contemporary National and International glass art works representing the finest artists working with the material of glass in the world.  At any given time, our Museum displays approximately 500 of these works in curated exhibitions. During your visit, you will find exhibitions that demonstrate the history of the American Studio Glass Movement, galleries that showcase individual artists who have made their mark in the art field, as well as galleries that take you through various themes relating to the magical properties of glass. Imagine Museum invites you to visit over and over again as we strive to bring to our audience the “best of the best” glass art in the world today.

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American Masters
Glass Now

International Selections
Interactive VR/AR presentation (currently closed)
1000 Buddhas


JURIED EXHIBIT: OP ART / GLASSJanuary 18 - April 18, 2021

JURIED EXHIBIT: OP ART / GLASs January 18 - April 18, 2021

OP ART/GLASS is an exhibition that will showcase works of art fabricated in glass that explore optical effects through technique, movement, flashing or vibrating design, optical configurations, or repeated patterns. Our goal is to showcase the artists’ creativity as they explore visual illusions and perceptions using glass and its profound qualities.

anthony james
Anthony James

Portal Icosahedron

wilfried grootens
Wilfried Grootens

Magic Eye H36

tim tate
Tim Tate

Buddha of Compassion

PETER BREMERS February 7, 2021 - January 16, 2022

Dutch-born artist, Peter Bremers, is known for his monumental cast glass sculptures, which are inspired by his worldwide travels and his interactions with nature’s most extreme landscapes.

Throughout his career, Bremers has made every effort to continually learn about glass and its properties; forever changing and developing his approach to glass as a vessel of light, color, form, movement, rhythm, volume and direction.

endless movement
Peter Bremers

Endless Movement

creative body
Peter Bremers

Creative Body

the last iceberg
Peter Bremers

The Last Iceberg


American Masters in Glass Galleries 3 - 6

Walking into the American Masters exhibit, you will be awed by the brilliant display of all the possibilities of glass as an artform. Artists who began the Studio Glass Movement, along with 2nd and 3rd generation of artists working with glass, come together in a stunning example of the diversity of ideas, techniques and creativity.

Shelley Muzylowsky Allen​

Imperial Blue

Tim Tate

Vitruvian Visions

K. William LeQuier


GLASS NOW Galleries 7 - 9

Prepare to be amazed as you confront the most current ideas, trends, and techniques in the glass art world today. You will see with your own eyes the collaboration between science and art. American and International artists come together to create a display that will keep you coming back for more.

Tomas Brzon


Lukas Mjartan

Well of Wisdom

Tomas Brzon

Reflection & Ray


Founder, Trish Duggan, works conceptually developing meaningful installations with the intention to inspire, uplift and educate. The 1000 Buddha Installation was inspired by the quote .

“Though you can conquer 1,000 men in battle 1,000 times, the one who conquers himself is the noblest victor of all.”
Trish Duggan


international exhibits

Contemporary Asian Glass Art GALLERY 212

Glass art from Japan and South Korea are featured in this exhibit displaying commentary on nature, form and light.

Hiroshi Yamano

Drawing on a Vessel #10

Jiyong Lee

Blue-Yellow Half Cylinder Segmentation

Hiroshi Yamano

Scene of Japan #83 FETW

petr hora GALLERY 211

Welcome to the gallery of “simple perfection”! Petr Hora’s glass art works showcase the simple forms of our daily life with a precision unparalleled in glass art today. To be clear, to create the precision takes a lifetime of devotion.
Petr Hora


Petr Hora


Petr Hora


Lino tagliapietra GALLERY 210

The Maestro Glass Blower from Murano is joyfully represented at Imagine Museum. From his colorful “Endeavor” series brilliantly displayed to his beautiful collaboration with Dante Marioni “Reticello Dinasaur”, you will discover for yourself why “Lino” will forever be revered as the “Maestro”.
Lino Tagliapietra


Lino Tagliapietra


Lino Tagliapietra


glass path installation

Annually, the “Glass Path” hallway on the 2nd floor changes out to give the
museum goer an experience as they stroll through the galleries.


“BECOMING…transformations in science, nature and art”

Be transformed as you engage with the “Becoming” multimedia installation. From the glass carved Cyborg Women, to their transformation towards flowers and butterflies, to the intersection of science, nature and art creating an AR kaleidoscope of butterflies, we hope to engage and inspire your imagination.
Trish Duggan


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